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Let's Legalize Charity

Houston made it a crime to give food to the homeless. Residents hired Houston Attorney Eric Dick of Dick Law Firm to file a lawsuit to legalize charity.

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A Crime to Give Food?

Despite massive opposition from peoples of all cultures and creeds, the City of Houston approved its Charitable Feeding Ban in 2012. This controversial ordinance makes it a crime to distribute food contributions to more than five people without an approved city permit for a charitable event. In essence, the city wants to collect permit fees from people who only want to give food to the homeless or indigent.

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Called To Serve the Homeless

When Phillip Paul Bryant was called to serve the homeless, he had no idea he was breaking the law. Now he faces fines and a lengthy court battle he considers well worth it in order to overturn what many view as an inhumane law.

That Law is Ridiculous!

Bryant’s lawyer, Eric Dick, thinks that law is ridiculous. “The law literally says that you can feed up to five people, but the fifth and beyond? Let them starve.”

Vowed to Fight

Eric Dick says, “They don’t want the homeless because they’re bad for business. They want to clear them all out so they can build high rises and charge more, plain and simple. In Houston, it’s a crime to be homeless, and unbelievably, it’s a crime to feed the homeless.” Dick has vowed to fight this ordinance to the end.

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